The Profile Engine has now been donated to the Internet Archive (31st March 2018)

Having devoted more than ten years of hard work to create, preserve, defend and maintain the Profile Engine, we are no longer able to maintain and operate the Profile Engine website due to other commitments and lack of funds, therefore we have donated the data for the public good. Profile Technology Ltd. has ceased trading and no longer exists.

What was the significance of this data?

Knowledge is power and all the power is concentrated in the hands of a malevolent force - corporate Facebook.

We sued Facebook, fought hard in a David and Goliath battle and won a settlement. One day, maybe we'll have the chance to tell the whole story - you'd be utterly shocked what goes on inside Facebook - what you've already heard is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a Facebook account, we strongly recommend that you delete it completely, without delay. Learn more about Facebook

We are freely and lawfully transferring this database to the Internet Archive ( as they have a long track record as a suitable, responsible long term custodian and we have the legal right to do so.

Making this data freely available and preserving it serves many purposes. Here are a few:

* This snapshot of the early days of social networking will be invaluable to Genealogists, Social Historians and perhaps even Archaeologists in ten, fifty or even 1000 years time.
* Helping to reunite old friends with powerful search tools (Facebook don't provide powerful search tools because if you have to search through hundreds of pages of profiles then you view more ads than if the tools take you straight to who you want).
* Helping you to find and meet new people with common interests
* Exposing the interests and group memberships of politicians and public figures (What did they really like ten years ago before they were famous?)
* This will help to break Facebook's monopoly over social data. People chose to make this data free and public, yet Facebook and many of the other companies they already shared this same data with still charge money for it.
* Educating people about what data Facebook has irreversibly shared and who they shared it with. Facebook made all this data available for free public download by anyone between 2007-2010. Profile Technology Ltd was one of the few organisations to ask for permission before downloading it, most just went ahead and downloaded it freely. Our permission to collect, keep and use this data without restriction was agreed in writing and approved by the Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook Chris Allen, the co-founder of Facebook Dustin Moscovitz and the Head of Search Philip Fung. We believe Mark Zuckerberg was also fully involved in the decision.

Please understand that having donated this data to The Internet Archive for preservation and the public good, we are no longer in possession or control of it and therefore we cannot process any form of deletion or removal requests. Deletion requests should be addressed to Facebook and/or Google if your information still apears on their sites. Facebook made the very same data available to thousands of others and continues to allow them to distribute it freely so deleting it from Profile Engine would not ever have removed it from circulation.

As a historic archive of public data, owned by a non-profit charity, our understanding is that this data will now be exempt from most data protection laws worldwide, including the new EU GDPR rules and the bizarre Canadian PIPEDA requirements. You may not have the same exempt legal status as so please research applicable law carefully before using the data yourself.

Please use this data responsibly and respectfully, in accordance with the wishes of the Facebook users who originally chose to make it public and available to search engines.

I could have sold this data to some data broker for a lot of money (like Facebook do every day) and it would have been used by those with money for marketing or political purposes rather than being freely available for the public good, as the people who consented to make it public intended it to be. Instead I donated it for free to the Internet Archive and am suffering financial hardship as a result of hosting the search engine as a free public resource for many years. Please consider donating through my Patreon page

Please understand that I no longer work for Profile Technology and the company no longer even exists so I rarely have time to respond to emails relating to it. Emails on any other topic, including deletion requests, cannot be processed by me and should be addressed to Facebook, to Google, to or to any other site where you saw your information hosted, not to me.

Profile Technology Ltd has given me the domain names in lieu of unpaid salary and I will consider selling the domain names ( etc) to the right buyer if you would like to continue operating the site. It has received over 2 million users per month and has a high google page rank. Please contact if you you would like to make an offer for the domains. I'm not available for any other business enquiry at present.

Press enquiries please contact Please do not use these email addresses for any other purpose.