About the Profile Engine

The Profile Engine began life in 2007 as the world's first social network search engine. Originally it was simply called 'Advanced Search'. The Profile Engine makes it much easier to find your friends online and provides powerful new search tools for meeting new people, making friends and dating. More than ten million people created detailed searchable profiles on The Profile Engine so that others can find them more easily. A major social network supplied us with a further 420 million public profiles so that we can provide the powerful search features which are lacking on their own site.

In 2011 we have launched a complete redesign of The Profile Engine and have added a huge range of new features to develop it into a fully fledged social network offering amazing new features which are not available on any other social network! We're starting by giving you unlimited free streaming music worldwide, and video as well! You can tailor your music playlist automatically to match your favourite bands (or the favourites of people you know). We have even built in chat and newsfeed right here on the Profile Engine.

Chat to friends, browse your newsfeed, meet new people or find a date, all while listening to your favourite music and your friends' playlists, completely free of charge!

The Profile Engine is unique among social networks because profiles here only include information which the owner has made completely public. There is no need for complicated privacy settings and it's really easy to meet people because you can always see their profile without first becoming friends.

In early 2008 a major social network granted permission for the Profile Engine to index the public parts of people's profiles (in the same way as Google and other search engines do). After that we grew to include profiles for more than 420 Million people and 50 Million groups, making Profile Engine the second largest social network in the world!

What you are looking at is an early version of the all-new Profile Engine, still under development and a little rough round the edges, but ready to play with. Lots more features will be added over the coming weeks, there's some really cool stuff under development so watch this space!

About Profile Technology

The Profile Engine is developed by Profile Technology Ltd, an innovative developer of cutting edge search engine and social network technology based in Auckland, New Zealand and part-owned by Auckland University of Technology through AUT Enterprises.

We have been conducting research into new techniques for searching social networks since 2007, as well as developing a range of popular social network applications with more than 25 million users worldwide. While developing apps for other social networks we observed that there were a whole load of design problems in those social networks (not least the search tools) and we set out to solve those problems with The Profile Engine.

If you would like to contact us, please first read the help page, where you will find answers to most common questions and an email address where you can reach us if your question has not already been answered.


The Profile Engine is built using a range of open source software provided for free by the community who write it. Without the hard work and generosity of the open source community The Profile Engine (and most other websites) would not be possible. We work on improvements to open source software when we can and we contribute our improvements back for the benefit of other users of the software.

The key open source / free software projects on which The Profile Engine has been built and to whom we give our deepest thanks are:

The Elgg social network engine
The Sphinx full-text search engine
Jappix mini chat bar
Ubuntu linux
PHP hypertext processor
MariaDB databases
Redis persistent in-memory cache

We also rely on the unique innovative features of one great commercial product: TokuDB fractal tree databases